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Almond Milk & Sea Salt Wax Melts
Almond Milk & Sea Salt Wax Melts
Almond Milk & Sea Salt Wax Melts

Almond Milk & Sea Salt Wax Melts

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Essence of Lemon Flower and Sea Salt blended beautifully with the creaminess of Almond Milk with nuances of Jojoba, Coconut, Cherry Wood and melon blossom for a luxuriously soft and romantic spa scent 

One packet contains 6 Wax Melts


Melt an entire tart in Wax Warmer/Melter.  May also be broken into chunks for less intense scent throw or to mix with other tarts to create new scents! 

Try our Silicone Liners for easy clean-up.

Because the tarts have no flame in direct contact with the wax, the scent will disperse quickly and cover a wider area.

Scent throw will vary depending on type of warmer, size of room and personal strength preference.  Scent will fade over time and it is recommended that tarts are used within 6 months for optimal results.

Petals Bath Boutique waxy treats are NOT edible. Always follow the manufacturers directions for your wax melter/warmer. Failure to follow these directions could result in unexpected fire hazard or personal injury. Use only in a well ventilated, low heat wax melter/warmer without lid. Do not add water. Do not touch hot wax.




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