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Belladonna Natural Feminine Soap
Belladonna Natural Feminine Soap

Belladonna Natural Feminine Soap

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CLAY FREE - Naturally formulated to support a women's delicate PH with Apple Cider Vinegar and Organic Greek Yogurt

Unscented and All Natural, Belladonna feminine hygiene soap has a soft, creamy lather that gently cleanses your most sensitive parts

Weight  4.0 - 4.5 oz | 113 - 127 grams


  • Apple Cider Vinegar - does not upset natural acidity in the vagina which encourages freshness
  • Organic Greek Yogurt - contains live cultures with probiotics that aid in a healthy flora
  • Olive Oil - the mildest of all soap oils, contains antioxidants

Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Organic Palm Oil, Canola Oil, Castor Oil, Organic Greek Yogurt

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