Hi all and welcome!  My name is Kia.  I am the owner and creator of Petals Bath Boutique
From a very early age, I have suffered from a skin condition called eczema.  Over the counter lotions and prescription creams never gave my thirsty skin the nourishment that it needed.  As a teenager, I began mixing lotions and creams in an attempt to control my severe breakouts. 
My soap-making journey began in 2008 after we discovered that my youngest son also suffered from this itchy and often times, painful condition.   I was accustomed to dealing with my own seasonal rashes but it broke my heart to watch my baby suffering.  My husband and I began researching the internet for ways to control his breakouts without having to use the steroid cream prescribed by his pediatrician. 
We were very surprised to discover that the "soaps" and shower gels our family used daily were detergent based and loaded with nasty ingredients which were a major culprit in drying out our already dry, itchy, sensitive skin!
I began experimenting with various soap methods and recipes.  Dozens upon dozens of recipes later, I formulated the perfect mild bar of soap with lots of creamy, foamy lather that makes our skin very happy...without drying it out ♥ 
Soap-making, for me, is a passion.  I strongly believe that the best ingredients make the best soap.  So, naturally, it was important to use only the best ingredients when making my soap.
Petals Bath Boutique is a small home-based business. 
I personally make each and every batch of soap from scratch in my soaping studio.  Petals soaps are made with a variety of natural ingredients reputed for their benefits and for making a luxurious bar of soap.  Every batch is uniquely special.  As an artisan, I take pride in not only the ingredients but the designs and techniques used in my work.  I pour my heart into each batch and am extremely humbled and honored to have this opportunity to share these creations with you and your family.
 Be Blessed