Salt Bars

Salt Bars

Kia Paylor

I've been intrigued with Salt Bars for many years now and have used salt in the past to harden soap bars but have never made true Salt Bars.  A salt bar is typically a soap made with 50-100% of oil weight in salt. Salt is nothing new in skincare and has been used in everything from body scrubs and soaking bath salts to bath bombs.

What makes Salt Bars so special?

Well, Sea Salt is loaded with minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and even more depending on where it is harvested. It helps to restore the skin's natural oil balance while combating bacteria. It is excellent for cleansing and purifying pores.

Is it drying to the skin?

Surprisingly, no!  Salt is hydrophilic, which means it draws moisture in the air.  Combined with naturally occurring Glycerin in the handmade soap, which is a humectant, Salt Bars allow your skin to attract and actually retain it's moisture.

Do you use Salt Bars the same as normal Handmade Soap?

Yes and no. One of the most noticeable differences is the lather.  Petals soaps normally have a foamy lather with bubbles.  When massaged directly on the skin, Salt Bars produce a lather that is more like a creamy lotion. Salt bars, gently buff and exfoliate then rinses away clean leaving behind smooth, soft skin.

Will Salt Bars be too scratch on my skin?

Not at all.  It's more like massaging you skin with a smooth river stone.  Normally, I recommend lathering soap with a cloth or shower puff, then washing with the lather.  Petals Bath Boutique salt bars are gentle enough to rub directly on the skin the get the maximum exfoliating benefits from the salt.


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